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The Dior Addict Fluid Stick x


This product was realised for SS14, it’s a liquid lipstick-gloss. It feels creamy like a lipstick but has the shiny finish of a gloss.
It stains the lip and doesn’t move, it wears up to 2-3 hours for me.
It’s very similar to the YSL Glossy Stain I blogged about awhile back, but the Dior one is slightly thicker and has a shorter wear time I find.
They are very hydrating and great for dry lips.
Addict fluid stick does not contain wax but water for maximum lightness.
I do love this product, I have the shade 239 FRISSON, there is an amazing 15 more shades to choose from. I purchased it in Brown Thomas for €34.50 xXx




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Urban Decay Electric Palette….

This pressed pigment electric palette consists of 10 shades of really bold, colourful and ELECTRIC colours😀
Two colours ‘Revolt’ and ‘Chaos’ are shades that have been seen before, but the other 8 are new, and it also includes a doubled ended brush, and also had a good size mirror inside the lid! It cost €45 💙



I think people will either love this palette or hate it. It’s right up my street, I love these bold bright colours. It’s just not for someone people as it scares them, a lot of people wouldn’t no how to use them.
I think their fun, great for summer time!💚

They are very soft and smooth textures, so really easy to apply and I found the colours perfect to blend, very smooth as usual for Urban Decay.

I do find that the colours ‘Slowburn’, ‘Savage’, ‘Jilted’ are hard to get off when I’m removing my make up, there will be a light stain of pink still on my lid/crease, so I’ll have to go in a second time to try get it off which leaves my eyes a little sore.
For anyone with sensitive eyes I’d stay away as these colours are so strong they will stain.
I’d also clean my brushes after using these pigments on them.

It’s my favourite palette at the minute, I love it!!!!❤️❤️
The colours are just fantastic, so much fun and I can really get creative with it!
The Electric palette can also be used for lips and hair, I haven’t tried this yet, but I have seen pictures of others and it’s really cool💙💖








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My latest MAC purchases……




MAC Stereo Rose mineralise skin finish blush-

I love, love, love this product, it’s just stunning.
It’s a light, warm toned peach coloured blush with subtle pink tones and a champagne/gold shimmer.

It was realised back in 2010 as a limited edition and was extremely hard to get, so it’s only now I’ve gotten it after it was realised again in the MAC Fantasy of flowers collection.
It’s just amazing especially for Irish skintones.
It’s a really natural blush, not too strong, but I do build it up if needed for a stronger nighttime look. The gold/champagne going through is fab for a highlight.
I’ll apply it like blush as normal then with out going for more product, I’ll get my brush and sweep it up over my cheekbone so it gives a lovely light glow.
I love the mineralise skinfinish products, their fab!
Stereo Rose was approx €26.00 in BT’S.

MAC Lip Pencils-

Naked Lunch- This is a fab nude lip pencil, it’s the lightest lip colour MAC have on their line. I use it for my bottom waterline, as it’s not as strong as white eyeliner, i gives a soft natural look, not too harsh.

Cherry- This is my favourite red lip pencil from MAC, perfect for a classic red lip, I love it with RubyWoo lipstick.

Magenta- This is a purple colour pencil, something different, I’m obsessed with big bright colours on the lips. I use it with the lipstick Flat out fabulous they are similar in colour.
All pencils are €16.00 each xXx




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My latest MAC Lipstick💜💜💄

MAC Heroine-

Where do I start on this lippy. If you see this product in any MAC store, BUY IT!!!! It’s always sold out and very hard to get. I was very lucky to get it recently, it was the last one in the shop!
Heroine was brought out as a limited edition first of all, and was completely sold out everywhere, which left lots of people looking for it. Now MAC cosmetics has added it to their line up permanently .
It’s for anyone looking for a bright matte lipstick, it’s a stunning medium magenta purple.
It’s a lot brighter on the lip than what it looks like in the tube. I find that the colour also stains so it wears strong for about 4 -5 hours.
If you love bold colours, a matte finish & want long lasting colour you need this in your life.
It’s a fab colour and purple is in at the minute💜💜
In the first picture I have used heroine with MAC’S lip pencil Nightmoth, just to try a different look with a darker lip pencil XxX




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YvesSaintLaurent’s New Glossy Stain!

YSL’s Vermis À Lèvres number 32!
This is just amazing, I can’t stop raving about it!
I saw the add for this new gloss/ stain with Cara Delevingne and just thought it was stunning, that editorial was actually my inspiration for a recent photoshoot! The liner and lips were so strong , it worked so well!
I wasn’t sure if the product would stay so glossy with out moving/ bleeding, but I still bought it to try out for my shoot, I was so happy with it, such a fab product! It didn’t move and stayed so glossy.
I used MAC’s Cherry Lip Pencil underneath it, as I wanted a full on classic red lip. I then applied one layer of the stain, let it dry for about 30 secs to stain the lip more, then applied another layer, so it was the lip would be really glossy.
I couldn’t be happier with this product, my pictures from the shoot came back a few days ago, and the lip just stands out so much it was simple stunning.
YSL have more colours in this range, I’ll Defo be trying out more of them.
It was a little pricey at €33 but my photoshoot results wouldn’t have been as good with out it 😄❤️




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L’oréal & Rimmel’s new liner pens!

L’oreal Super liner perfect slim-

I picked this up thinking it would be handy for work, it might be quicker that gel liner in the mornings! But I’ve now come to realise that gel liner (even the dried out stuff) is a dream compared to this product. There isn’t enough product coming through, so the pen tip will drag your skin and leave horrible messy lines! I’ve tried using it now a few times and it’s the same thing each time, so I’m giving up on it, never again! A big no no from me! Paid approx €6.99 for it, also the colour I picked was intense black, but it really wasn’t!

Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Black Watherproof Eyeliner-

I picked this liner up as it was just out and it was everywhere I looked, as it was half price in boots I picked it up for approx €3.75, thinking it was a bargain! Oh how wrong was I! Hated it! Tip is too short, so it’s really awkward to get in to the inside corner of the eye, and like L’oréal’s liner not enough product, it feels so dry and just drags the skin! Too harsh for the eye. Another big no from me…..
Think they’ll be good for when doing facecharts, but that’s it!!
Oh and waterproof? I don’t think so…..x


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Estèe Lauder’s Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter

A lot of people would bring foundation up under their eyes, I’m not a huge fan of that unless the person has flawless skin then it would be fine, I find a lot of people have some lines/ crows feet around the eye area and by putting foundation in that area i just makes it sit into the lines/ crows feet. I always use concealer/ highlighter and one that’s not too heavy.
When I saw this new product from Estèe Lauder I had to try it out!!! Since using it for a couple of weeks I’ve fallen in love with it, it’s perfect just what I look for. Nice coverage, and still light enough that it does not sit in any lines. There’s a lovely glow from it. It’s €31, I’ve also used it in my shoot recently, here are the pictures x x x